Engaging Digital Media Workshops and Training Sessions

The last webmaster I hired is no longer available and I lost costumers because my website wasn’t up to date. Can you help me and other members in my team take over the management of my website?

There are many video tutorials out there that can help you learn WordPress. But it can be time consuming and unrealistic to expect yourself, or your team members to learn a content management system on your own.  Because it is in our best interest that you utilize the tools we have installed for the success of your business, we offer one-on-one training and workshops that can help you hit the ground running with your new website.
We realize that people are in different levels in their understanding and usage of digital media. For that reason, we have developed a method in which we first evaluate the person or group, then we walk them through the steps of editing the existing pages and even creating new content.

We work with your schedule and drive to your house or business. Contact us for more details on how our training services work.